Duplicate Form Submissions from the Same Email

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Form submissions are tracked using browser cookies. If you are seeing a number of submissions from a single email address instead of multiple individuals, there may be an issue with the way cookies are being collected.

Check Your Duplicate Submissions

  1. Navigate to Content > Forms.

  2. Locate this form in the list, hover your mouse over it, and click View report.

  3. In the SOURCE table, click the total number of submits in the report.

If there is an asterisk next to some of the duplicated email addresses, this means that the data has been overwritten by Act-On due to a recognized cookie from a previous submission. You can hover your mouse over that row to see the address that was actually provided.

Why This Happens

If Act-On can identify the user's browser cookie, it will make sure that the form submission is linked to the contact information for that same person. This is useful for allowing contacts to add or update personal information by submitting the form again. 

If multiple people 'inherit' the cookie from one of your contacts, this will tell the system that the same person is submitting the form multiple times. This can be caused by:

  • Forwarding an email with a link to a landing page with the form
  • Submitting the form multiple times on a single computer
  • Sharing a link to a non-Act-On web page that has an Act-On form embedded in it

These actions may cause a user's cookie to carry over to another person. Even if different personal information is submitted, Act-On will tie this back to the original contact.

Solution Options

Append Feature

By checking Always Append in the form's properties, you can force Act-On to view each submission as a separate contact. The form submission list will always show a unique email address and name for every entry.

Note that with this feature enabled, contacts cannot resubmit the form to update their information (eg., if they spelled their name incorrectly the first time). Their separate submissions will be treated as unique contacts.

Suppress Cookies

You can choose to suppress cookie logging on form submission to prevent cookies from being used altogether. See that article for more information.

No-Cookie Browsing

If you want contacts to submit a form using your own computer (eg., at an in-person event), make sure that browser is set to a mode that does not track cookies.

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