Enrolling in the Complaint Feedback Loop for Yahoo and AOL Emails

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Yahoo's Complaint Feedback Loop service is required to receive and manage spam complaints that come from Yahoo or AOL email addresses.

To register for this service:

  1. Work with your IT to set up a new email alias: postmaster@(yourdomain.com)
      • You will need access to the inbox of this email account.
      • Yahoo will only accept this email alias, you cannot use an alternative.
  2. Contact our Support team via chat, or submit the form below.
  3. Once we are in contact with you, we trigger a verification email to this postmaster address. When you open it and provide the verification details, the process is complete.
    Important: The verification code that Yahoo sends is only valid for one hour, so it is essential to select a time when you are available to receive this.

If your domain is hosted by Google Apps, you will not be able to add a postmaster@(yourdomain.com). You will need to create a postmaster group through Google Groups that forwards to your email address.

Pro tip: Our online chat support is a quick and simple way to complete this process.


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