Geo-Targeting in ASM

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The more targeted your social posts are, the more likely they'll reach the right - and the most relevant audience.

Whether you're hosting an event in a certain area, offering a promotion in a particular country, or have language-specific content, geo-targeting is a really helpful feature.

With the Advanced Social Media Module, geo-targeting works for:

  • Facebook Company Pages
  • LinkedIn Company Pages (*Must have at least 100 followers in the geographic area)
  • X (Twitter) Profiles

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Click on the Campaigns tab, and select the relevant Campaign from the list.
  2. Click on the New Post button. Click on the LinkedIn, Facebook, or X (Twitter) icon.
  3. Click on one or more LinkedIn or Facebook Company Pages, or X Profiles.
  4. Write your message and select a date and time.
  5. Click on the Geo-Targeting icon that appears below the message field.

Type in the name of one or more countries that you are targeting. The post will then be targeted to Facebook Company Page followers in that country or countries. 

Click on the empty geo-targeting field, and select a continent. To drill down further, you can also select a country, and even a specific city or area. Remember that for the geo-targeting to work, you need at least 100 Company Pages followers from that area.

To add another location, click on the Add Location hyperlink in the bottom-right corner.

To use the geo-targeting, you must first enable X to add a location to your tweets.

First, sign in to your X (account, click on your profile icon in the top-right corner (Profile and Settings) and click on Settings. Then, choose Security and Privacy from the left-hand side menu, and under the Privacy section, make sure the following is checked off:

Next, type in the neighborhood or city you'd like to geo-target. Please note that only one location can be selected per Tweet.

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