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The Advanced Social Media Module is designed to let you organize your social posts based on Campaigns, which make it easier to track performance for specific marketing objectives.

While each account has in-depth analytics and reports that can be filtered by campaigns, the Advanced Social Media Module also offers an analytics dashboard for each campaign in order to provide you with a more holistic view of each campaign's performance.

To view campaign analytics simply head over to the Campaigns tab in your account, select the campaign you want to examine and click on the Analytics tab.

The top overview section of your campaign analytics will display the campaign performance over time from the campaign start date until today. The graphs can be switched by clicking on the metrics below and the dates can be filtered.

The date picker will only apply to the graphs and not the rest of sections below.

This section displays the total number of Facebook likes, LinkedIn likes, comments and retweets generated in this campaign.

This section lets you identify which content resonates the most with your target audience. Analyze which words, content, style and format (e.g. did you ask a question, post original content, or share a relevant article?) drove the highest results, and replicate this message in the future or expand on the topic your posts were based on.

To see all of the messages or export the data to a CSV file, click on View all messages to the right.

This section lets you see which specific posts generated the best results. You can use it to see which platforms drive the best results, and which aren't performing according to expectations. Closely analyzing these posts can help improve your social media results going forward, in terms of optimizing the wording, format, and timing used in posts.

To see all of the posts or export the data to a CSV file, click on View all posts to the right.

Please note that campaign analytics become available only after a campaign has started generating clicks. Clicks are generated only once users clicked on posts that include links.

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