Adding Images to Posts in ASM

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As interesting as your text may be, there's no better way to engage readers than by adding an image. Whether you're promoting a new piece of content, or just publishing a team photo to show your followers, adding visual elements to social posts can be extremely effective.

The Advanced Social Media Module currently supports picture uploads to Facebook and X (Twitter).

How to Add an Image to Your Post

  1. Go to Campaigns, and select the relevant Campaign from the list.
  2. Either click the New Post button or the Message Assets tab.
  3. Select Facebook or X (Twitter) and click on one or more social profiles.
  4. Click on the image icon that appears below the message box.
  5. Select an image to upload from any of the resources in the list shown below. Please note, that if you choose to upload an image for anything below Web Files on the list, you will need to connect to the network.
  6. Once you've selected an image to upload, click on Open to add it to your post.

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