Working With Campaigns in ASM

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To create a new campaign simply head over to the Campaigns tab in your account and click on the New Campaign button. Next, enter the campaign name, tags, teams (see below) and click on Create Campaign.

Naming conventions

While campaign names can be just about anything, we strongly recommend using standard naming conventions that will later help you to easily associate the name with the marketing activity.

Good Example

2016-04 Content Marketing Explained - eBook

Bad Example

Blog Posts

Default campaigns

While every post in has to be associated with a campaign you do not have to create a campaign for every post. If you choose not to create a campaign, one will automatically be created for you according to the year and month the post was scheduled for, for example:

2016-05 General Campaign

Also, if you're scheduling posts from the campaign calendar, the specific campaign you chose will be automatically selected.

Tags - Campaign tags are used to group campaigns that have similarities in order to analyze them side by side. Campaign tags can be created and assigned when creating a new campaign and edited under each campaigns' settings tab.

Teams - Teams are groups of users that share access to common campaigns and profiles. If enabled in your account, you will be required to assign each campaign to one or more of the existing teams in your account. Teams can be assigned on campaign creation and edited from each campaigns' settings tab.

Color - Campaigns colors are used to distinguish campaigns in the global calendar. When a campaign is created, it will automatically assign it with a random color which you can later edit under each campaigns' settings tab.

Link - The campaign link is a neat function that allows you to quickly paste the same link into multiple messages throughout the campaign. Once added, an additional icon will become available in your scheduling console that will allow you to quickly paste the link into the message.

Please note that changing a campaigns' link will not affect existing messages.

UTM Tagging - Automatically add UTM tags to any link shared using the platform. UTM tags, by default, are set-up for the entire account, however, they can also be customized for each campaign directly from the settings tab. If left unchanged, the campaign setting will fall back to the default account settings.

Campaign Actions

Action Description
Purge Will delete all scheduled posts in a specific campaign
Archive Will put the campaign in the campaigns archive
Delete Will delete the campaign entirely from your account
Pause Will pause all scheduled posts in a specific campaign

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