Creating Advocacy Boards in ASM

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Once the social advocacy Board has been enabled on your account, you'll need at least one board to start sharing social content with your advocates.

Although the Advanced Social Media Module supports multiple boards per account, we strongly advise you to fully understand all the implications before opening more than one board.

The Advanced Social Media Module Advocate Boards don't share users or content. This means that a user (advocate) can only be on only one board and each piece of social content (message asset) can only exist on one board. Multiple boards should only be used in cases where there is a clear and distinct separation of users and content. For example, if your organization has a division in France, with a separate Salesforce and French-only content, this situation could warrant a French Only board.

From the user menu, head over to the Advocacy tab, click on the Create a New Social Advocacy button, and type in the name of the new board.

Once the new board is created you'll be able to add new advocate users and configure the board settings.

Show Leaderboard

The leaderboard is an open dashboard that shows the most engaged advocates by shares and clicks. There are some organizations that due to certain restrictions or policies don't want this information available to their employees. The leaderboard availability can be turned on and off from the setting section.

Message Editing

By default, advocates can edit the social content prior to posting on their social networks. We encourage personalizing the content as it tends to gain more engagement. In any case, the link attachment on Facebook and LinkedIn posts cannot be edited, regardless of the organization's settings.

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