Use a Reply-To Address in your Emails

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As you send messages on behalf of others, you might sometimes want the replies to go to an email address other than the senders. In the Address step of the message editor, you can select an alternate Reply-To address to manage the destination of these replies. This address will receive all return messages sent from the recipient's email client.

To set an alternate Reply-To Address:

  1. Within the Address step of the email message editor, find the Reply-To drop-down menu.
  2. Click Reply-To and select the address you would like to receive replies.
This list contains only the From Addresses that have already been added and verified for your account.

Automated replies (e.g. out-of-office notices)

These messages do not follow the normal reply rules. These replies will route to either the Reply-To or the From address, depending on the email client. The most effective way to manage these responses is to create rules in your email client (to bypass your inbox).

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