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In Act-On, you can save an email message as a draft and resume it later. Once you have saved a message in the Drafts section, you can resume the draft and send it out, or you can use it as a template and reuse it for multiple outbound emails.

Save a Draft

To save a draft, you must first have a Title and Subject defined for your message.

Click Save in the upper right corner.


Confirm the Title for your Draft and choose a destination folder.

You will see a message confirming that your message was saved.

You may now either continue editing or Close the message to resume later.

Once you've saved a draft of your message, it will autosave every 30 seconds.

Using a Draft

Action Result
Resume a Draft When you send the message, the Draft will move to Sent Messages
Start a New Message from a Draft When you start a new message from a Draft, the original Draft will remain in the Drafts folder and you can use the design again, much like a Template.

Resume a Draft

  1. Click on Outbound > Drafts. Choose a folder from the left, and find your Draft.
  2. To resume your Draft, hover over the message title, click the down arrow, and select Resume Edit.

As you're making changes in your message, always save as you go. This way, it will always be saved and you can come back to it at any time.

Start a New Message from a Draft

You can use an existing Draft email to start a new message much like an Email Template. When you do this, your message will use the Draft design, however, the original draft will stay in the Drafts folder.

  1. Go to Outbound > New Message.
  2. Choose Draft Message.
  3. Select the Draft you wish to use to start a new message:


Other Draft Features

Make a Copy

Copy your Draft to a new email Draft by going to the drop-down and choosing Copy. This will create a copy of your draft in the same folder.

Make a Landing Page

Turn your Draft into a new Landing Page by going to the drop-down and choosing Make Landing Page. This will create a new Landing Page in the Default Folder.

  • The Landing Page will contain the full body of your Email Draft.
  • The Landing Page will NOT contain the email Header or Footer.
  • The Landing Page is automatically Enabled, you may wish to turn this off until you are finished with your design.


You can preview each Draft in two ways:

  • Hover over the title and click the spyglass.
  • Clicking the drop-down and choose Preview.


You can delete a Draft by going to the drop-down and choosing Delete.

Deleted Drafts are not recoverable.

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