Setting Up a LinkedIn Connector

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Act-On can be integrated with LinkedIn. With the Social Publish feature, Act-On can post to your personal LinkedIn accounts.

To connect to your LinkedIn account(s):

  1. Click on Settings, and choose Connectors
  2. Click Social
  3. Click LinkedIn > Connect/Refresh LinkedIn User
  4. Enter the username and password for a LinkedIn profile to connect
  5. Click Allow Access
  6. Repeat this process for additional LinkedIn accounts you would like to add


Once you've established this connection, you can create posts on LinkedIn with links to Act-On content.

LinkedIn Profile Note: LinkedIn has two types of pages: Personal Pages and Company Pages. Company Pages don't technically have logins but instead are connected to Personal Pages who have permissions for the Company Pages. Due to this, you are only able to connect Personal Pages to Act-On. Once the Personal Page is connected to Act-On, all of the Company Pages that the Personal Page has permissions to in LinkedIn will be available to post to from within Act-On Social Publish tools. Only the Business Pages will be available to post, as the Social Publish tool does not allow posting to Personal Pages. 

Account Token Expiration: LinkedIn API account tokens expire every 60 days for security purposes. You will need to re-connect your Personal Pages to allow for posting from within Act-On after the token expires. 

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