Publishing a Landing Page to LinkedIn

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This guide will help you share an Act-On Landing Page to LinkedIn using the Social Publish feature. In addition to posting a link to your page, these steps will change the format of your post so that a large image is displayed instead of a smaller thumbnail.

If your Bitly connector is configured, you can also use a shortened Bitly URL in your post. Shortened links are usually more conducive to sharing.

  1. Navigate to Content > Landing Pages and edit the relevant page
  2. In the Properties tab of the Landing Page editor, click Select Image under Open Graph Image
  3. Select the image that you wish to show in the Social Publish post
  4. Once the name of the chosen image appears, save the Landing Page and exit
  5. Navigate to Outbound > Social Publish
  6. Create a new Social Publish post (for detailed steps, see this page)
  7. To show a Bitly URL in the post, make sure to leave the Title field blank throughout this process
  8. Choose the relevant Landing Page as the asset to share
  9. Click Next > Publish to make your post live

Your post will appear on LinkedIn with an automatically shortened link and a large version of your image.


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