Add a State or Country Field to a Form

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Including a state or country dropdown in your form allows you to get some useful information about your customers. However, if you are syncing this data to your CRM there are a few important steps to follow.

Like standard field names, the state or country field must exactly match your CRM's version, or else the data will not transfer.


  1. Navigate to Content > CatalogContent Fragments tab
  2. Choose State and/or Country fields, either with abbreviations or full names
    • Note: These fields must match your CRM. 
    • You can go to the configuration settings of your CRM and open the State and/or Country fields there – if the values for those fields are set to abbreviations you must use abbreviations (and vice versa for full names)
  3. Download your chosen fragments from the catalog library
  4. In the form builder, drag a Saved Fragment into the form
  5. Choose the field you downloaded above


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