Creating Segments Based on Dates

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Act-On allows you to create segments calculated from the date fields in your marketing lists.


  1. Navigate to the list where you'd like the segment to reside
    (Contacts > Marketing Lists or Contacts > Other Lists)
  2. Click the dropdown arrow and select Create a Segment
  3. Name your segment
  4. Make sure that Query is selected as the segmentation Method
  5. Select the date field in the second field from the left

    Other date options:
    • Record creation date (the date the contact was added to this list)
    • Last updated date
  6. Choose a date condition:
    • equals to match one specific date
    • is before to match any earlier date
    • is after to match any later date
    • is between or equals to match a date range
  7. Choose the type of date:
    • calendar date to choose a day from the date picker
    • relative date to choose the current day or a number of days/weeks/months in the past or future

  8. Select the format that matches the date in your list
    This is very important – if the date format in your list doesn't match, segmentation won't calculate correctly
Examples using date format MM/DD/YYYY:
  • Date is before 01/01/2020
    • Act-On will locate records with a date value of 12/31/2019 and before
  • Date is after 2 months ago
    • If today's date is 01/03/2020, Act-On will locate records with a date value of 11/03/2019 and later

Supported Date Formats

Act-On segmentation supports the following date formats:

Format Example
MM/DD/YYYY 05/31/2020
MM/DD/YY 05/31/20
MM-DD-YYYY 05-31-2020
MM-DD-YY 05-31-20
MM.DD.YYYY 05.31.2020
Mon DD YYYY May 31 2020
DD/MM/YYYY 31/05/2020
DD/MM/YY 31/05/20
DD-MM-YYYY 31-05-2020
DD-MM-YY 31-05-20
DD.MM.YYYY 31.05.2020
DD Mon YYYY 31 May 2020
DD Month YYYY 31 May 2020
YYYY/MM/DD 2020/05/31
YYYY-MM-DD 2020-05-31
Wkd, DD Mon YYYY Sun, 31 May 2020
Weekday, DD Month YYYY Sunday, 31 May 2020


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