Defining Logic for Query Segments

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When setting up query segments, it is important to set up the right logical expressions for your segmentation needs.

When viewing your marketing lists (or form submission lists, etc.) click the dropdown beside the list name and choose to Create a Segment (see Creating a Segment for more details). The Query method is selected by default.

The logic you use to combine your queries (AND, OR, or a custom blend) determines whether contacts need to meet all of your search requirements or only some of them.

  • AND is the strictest way to set up your query
    • Every criterion must be met for a contact to appear in this segment (eg., job title contains 'Marketing' AND opened at least 3 messages AND lead score at least 20)
    • This will yield the smallest number of contacts, but with the highest level of accuracy to the rules that you set
    • Typically, AND is used with a variety of query types to find a very specific cross-section of your audience
  • OR is the loosest way to set up your query
    • Only one criterion must be met for a contact to appear in this segment (eg., job title contains 'Marketing' OR job title contains 'Brand' OR company name contains 'Agency')
    • This will yield a larger segment, but with a broader range of matched criteria
    • Typically, OR is used with similar query types to allow you to cast a wider net
  • CUSTOM lets you combine queries using both AND and OR
    • Every specific query will be given a number if you choose this option – use each number to assemble a logical statement for your segment
    • Use parentheses to indicate the grouping of related queries
    • Example:
      • Query 1 is "job title contains 'Marketing'," query 2 is "job title contains 'Brand'," and query 3 is "lead score at least 20"
      • You should likely use (1 OR 2) AND 3 to state that you need either job title, with a required lead score of 20+
    • You can assemble as many queries as you like using this method, but they can quickly become complex with multiple ANDs and ORs – check your segment often to make sure you are getting the expected results

Once you've set your logic, you can choose Profile or Behavioral query attributes.

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