What is my Sender Reputation?

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Your sender score is calculated based on your email behaviors. Your email reputation directly affects the deliverability of your emails. Higher scores will make it more likely that your emails are received by their intended recipients, while lower scores may fall under an ISP's threshold for trustworthiness, and may lead to your emails being sent directly to spam or not being sent out at all. 

Some factors that determine your sender score:

  • How often your emails are marked as spam by their recipient
  • How many recipients unsubscribe from your emails
  • The volume of emails being sent by your organization

Why is having a good email reputation important?

Maintaining a good reputation is absolutely critical to ensuring the deliverability of your emails. Although a poor reputation can be repaired, it is easily preventable, and you should always follow best practices by maintaining quality data and keeping your audience engaged to help protect your reputation. 

How do I maintain or improve my email reputation?

When sending out messages from the Act-On Message Composer, you can use the Check Spam Score feature to automatically review your email content for anything that may cause an ISP to flag it as spam or junk mail.

To find out more about this feature, visit this article: Check the Spam Score in an Outbound Message 

We also provide a comprehensive guide where you can learn how to establish a good email reputation and restore it if necessary. Click the link below to download! 

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