Act-On Shared Environment Delivery Statistics (Updated Monthly)

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At Act-On, managing and maintaining the integrity of our shared environments holds top priority. We actively monitor these environments for concerns and make timely adjustments as needed to ensure our customers' success.

Below are the average delivery rates for Act-On's shared sending environments for the previous month. "Delivered Percent" means that the mail was accepted by receiving servers and not blocked, bounced, or rejected.

March 2024 Statistics

Shared Environment Delivered Percent
Shared Sending Environment 1 99.07%
Shared Sending Environment 2 99.84%
Shared Sending Environment 3 99.75%
Shared Sending Environment 4 94.76%
Shared Sending Environment 5 86.38%
Onboarding Shared Environment** 93.01%

**The Onboarding Shared Environment is used exclusively for new senders until all technical requirements are complete.

If you send from a Dedicated IP, your mail will not be sent from one of the shared environments listed above.

We will periodically adjust senders' environments to ensure optimal delivery rates for all.

Historical Shared Environment Statistics

Shared Environment Feb 2024 Jan 2024 Dec 2023 Nov 2023 Oct 2023
Shared Sending Environment 1 98.93% 99.07% 98.82% 99.15% 99.23%
Shared Sending Environment 2 99.79% 99.82% 99.78% 99.84% 99.96%
Shared Sending Environment 3 99.72% 99.68% 99.58% 99.70% 99.86%
Shared Sending Environment 4 95.69% 95.13% 98.83% 97.46% 96.26%
Shared Sending Environment 5 98.93% 98.92% 99.06% 98.85% 99.06%
Onboarding Shared Environment 99.69% 99.50% 91.67% 89.50% 91.99%

Following email best practices will help you and the shared sending environments maintain peak performance. Please review our guides on email best practices and deliverability for more in-depth information regarding proven best practices and techniques.

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