Creating a Marketing List of Contacts with Specific Behaviors

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You can create a new Marketing list in Act-On in a variety of ways. One of the ways is to locate all records in your Act-On lists that have interacted in a specific way with your Act-On marketing campaigns.

For example, you can create a new Marketing List based on individuals in your lists who have clicked on at least five emails within the past 14 days.

  1. Click Contacts, and then click Marketing Lists.
  2. Click New List, and enter a new list name.
  3. Set the Set up New List Content drop-down to locate contacts with specific response behaviors.
  4. In the Behavior section, click All Specified Behaviors or Any Specified Behaviors.
  5. Select the time period in which the specified behaviors occurred (a range of time or a calendar month; the list contains only months in which some activity was recorded).
  6. Click Add Behavior to select the behaviors you want to define.
  7. Set the 'frequency' options:
    • None – include contacts who do not have the specified behavior
    • At Least This Many – include contacts who have N or more occurrences of the specified behavior
    • At Most This Many – includes contacts who have N or fewer occurrences of the specified behavior
    • Each of These Specific Ones – includes contacts who have engaged in the specified behavior with all of the selected items
    • Some of These – include contacts who have engaged in the specified behavior with one or more of the selected items
    • None of These – include contacts who have not engaged in the specified behavior with any of the selected items
    • All of These – include contacts who have engaged in all of the specified behaviors of the selected items
    • For example, you might create a list of contacts who viewed a form at least twice but didn't submit one or contacts who 'received' (were sent) a message and opened it but didn't click a link in the message

To create a new Marketing List based on specific overall behavior scores:

  1. In the Behavior section, select Overall Behavior Score in the drop-down menu.
  2. Specify the score you want to test for (At Least This Many or At Most This Many).
    • Note that this option is available only if you've set up scores (using the Scoring Rules command on the Lists menu).
  3. Click Create.

Any contact in any Act-On list that shows the specified behaviors or behavior score within the specified time period will be included in the new list. Examine the list to verify that your selection criteria produce the desired list.

This method creates a list that is simply a 'snapshot' of all records (email addresses) that have performed the specified behavior(s), as of the moment that you create the new list. Future behavior will not automatically place new records into or remove existing records from, the new list, even if the record count is refreshed. If you need this dynamic ability, create behavior-based segments instead.

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