Double Posting Act-On Form Submissions

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Act-On Forms can capture Form submissions and either externally double-post Form submissions to another external database or another specified Act-On Form submission list (additional to that specified in the Form Properties). This feature is helpful when you need to only post to a single third party. If you need to post to multiple applications, our Webhook feature will be best suitable for your needs.

Note: The fields passed are defined by the field names in the Form.


Example Use Cases

  • You may want to combine all data submissions in one place outside of Act-On or your CRM for reporting or analysis. 
  • If you have parent and child accounts, you may want to track opt-ins or opt-outs together from all the child accounts inside a parent account.

If Posting to an External Database

If you always want to post Form submissions to a single external database:

  1. Obtain your URL for the destination external database to post Form submissions to; the form post URL.

  2. Contact technical support:
    • Ask for the "Extra External Form Post" feature to be activated
    • Provide the form post URL & ask for it to be added

If Posting to an additional Form Submission List

If you want to post Form submissions to an additional Act-On Form submission list:

  1. Create a form post URL for the additional Form submission list you want to post Form submissions to, as explained in Posting External Forms to Act-On.
  2. Contact technical support and ask for the "Extra External Form Post" feature to be activated.

  3. Proceed as below if using the new Form composer, or further down if using the Classic Form Composer:

New Form Composer

  1. Go to Content > Forms.

  2. Create a new Form, or edit an existing Form.

  3. In the Properties tab select External Data Submission.

  4. Enter the form post URL (https://...) in the External Data Submission field.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click Save.


Classic Form Composer

  1. Click Content, and click Forms.
  2. Create a new form, or edit an existing form.
  3. Click Next or 2. Settings.
  4. Enter the form post URL (https://...) in the External Double-Post URL field.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Save.



If you need to post an Act-On Form submission to more than one external database, you can take advantage of our Form Submission Webhook.

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