How to use the Autoposter in ASM

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The Advanced Social Media module's Autoposter allows you to easily schedule multiple messages across multiple social profiles in one simple setting. To use the Autoposter: 

  • Create your Message Assets. Message Assets are created separately for each network to ensure your content is tailored correctly for each social channel.
  • Go to the Autoposter tab, and select the social profiles you'd like to post with. Click on Next.
  • Select the Message Assets you'd like to post. Each message that you choose will be posted with each profile from the corresponding network. For example, if you choose 2 Facebook messages and 2 Facebook pages, these 2 messages will be scheduled once on both pages. Click on Next.
  • Select your scheduling preference. You can either choose a time period to schedule the posts in or use the Queue settings of each profile to set the schedule with.

Once you're done with the setup, click on the Generate Schedule button to create the posts. You'll then be redirected to a calendar where you'll need to approve or discard the posts that were just created. This can be easily done using the Approve or Discard buttons just above the calendar, or for each post separately by simply clicking on the post and choosing to Approve it.

Please note that the Autoposter creates draft posts by default. Meaning that you have to approve the every schedule you create if you wish to use it.

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