Link Preview Customization in ASM

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A great advantage of the Advanced Social Media Module is the ability to customize the link preview box for any post on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Thumbnail images and text are often irrelevant or not engaging, and having the option to change them is very helpful.

Link preview customization is only available for Facebook and LinkedIn posts.

  1. Click on Campaigns, and select the relevant Campaign.
  2. Click on the New Post button or create a new Message Asset.
  3. Click on a social network, and then on one or more social profiles.
  4. Compose your message and copy and paste your link (it will be shortened when posting).
  5. Wait a few seconds for the preview to generate. You can also delete the link, and the preview will still remain.
  6. Click on the arrows to view available thumbnails, or click on "Use your own" to paste the URL of a new image.
  7. If you click on "Use your own," paste the link to the image into the Thumbnail URl box that appears.
  8. You can also edit the headline and the message body that appear in the link preview by clicking on each one.
  9. Select a date and time. Click on Schedule or Schedule & Close.

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