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Easily find, view, and edit contact details from All Contacts. To do this, click on any segment name to view the list of contacts within that segment. On the Segment Details page, you’ll see the total number of contacts in addition to the details for a table of content. 


Use the search field to search on any contact field.


Use the column headers to sort your contacts:

  1. Go to Contacts > All Contacts
  2. Click on your desired segment to see its list of contacts
  3. Click on the column headers to sort your segment's contacts

The sort function applies to the current page of contacts only. Here are some tips:

  • Adjust the pagination to include more contacts
  • Consider searching first to narrow down your contact list

Customize List Columns

You can customize the order and visibility of columns in your segment's contact list.

  1. Click on any segment in Contacts > All Contacts to open its contact list
  2. Click More  (located to the right of the list's column headers)
  3. Select Change column order
  4. From here, you can customize columns in the following ways:
    • Lock columns: Hover over a column title and click Lock   to lock the column to the left side of the contact list.
    • Hide columns: Hover over a column title and click the Hide  to hide this column from your segment's contact list.
    • Change column orderClick and hold the vertical grip  to drag & drop a column anywhere in the column list. This will reorder columns in your segment's contact list view. Note that you cannot drag unlocked columns above locked columns.
  5. Check Apply changes to all sub-segments to apply your customizations to subsegments
  6. Click Save

Contact Report

Hover over the contact's row and click on the Contact Report icon to view their Contact Report.

Edit Contact

You can edit a contact's data fields from the Info tab of their contact report:

  1. Hover over the contact's row
  2. Click on the Contact Report icon
  3. Click Info 
  4. Click Edit

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