Evaluating Integrations with Act-On's REST API

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What is an API?

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of software programming codes used by software engineers to allow two or more applications to exchange information with one another. An API communication will always include a request and response. The request specifies what the triggering application API needs, and the application API retrieving the request delivers it as a response.



How can my organization utilize Act-On’s API?

Listed below are the use cases Act-On currently supports via our API. Note that an API development effort can vary from one application to another. We have development resources in our developer portal with examples and sample code that your software engineers can use. If you do not have a software engineer, we have Professional Service resources that can help with custom-built integrations. Contact your Act-On Account Manager if interested.

CRM / ERP (Sales & Contact Products)

RedTail, Hubspot CRM, Pet Exec, JobNimbus, etc.

Use Case Desired Action
Lead Management
  • Capture submission details  in the CRM from an Act-On form
  • Update CRM with Act-On lead score
Contact Management
Sales Insights
  • Update the contact profile in the CRM with full activity from Act-On (email metrics, score, form submissions, etc)


Examples: Shopify, Magento, Ventrata, etc.

Use Case

Desired Action

Product Offer

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Product Usage Notifications

Send receipt of purchase

Drip Campaigns for web visitors

  • Add contacts to a list and send follow-up emails from an Automated Program

Reporting & Analytics

Examples: Google Big Query, Microsoft Power BI, etc.

Use Case

Desired Action

Email Impact Reporting

Landing Page Impact Reporting

  • Transfer landing page metrics for a specific campaign to your reporting/data store database or application

Contact Activity Reporting


Examples: WordPress, Unbounce, etc.

Use Case

Desired Action

Lead Management

  • Capture submission details in Act-On from a non-CMS hosted form from API or Webhook

Personalize web content

  • Display different content for returning anonymous visitors who have interacted/shown interest in specific publications on your website 
  • Greet returning known visitors with their names based on information collected from other campaigns/data enrichment sources 

Track email activity for messages created outside of Act-On

  • Use HTML imported from your CMS into an Act-On message and report engagement from it in an Act-On Email report


Examples: Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Ads, etc.

Use Case

Desired Action

Lead Generation

  • Capture submission details in Act-On from ad forms from API or Webhook

Chat and Conversation Tools

Examples: Drift, WINGMAN, etc.

Use Case

Desired Action

Lead Generation

  • Capture submission details in Act-On from chat queries either from API or Webhook


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