Automated Program Listing Pages

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What’s Changing

We’re updating the Automated Program listing pages to our new listing page UI/UX. 

Automated Program listing pages are where you view, manage, and organize your automated programs and program templates.

The new listing pages allow you to:

  • Organize your programs and templates into subfolders
  • Use tags to group and find related programs and templates
  • Find programs and templates easily with improved filtering:
    • Start with a new view showing all programs or templates
    • Filter down to those created or favorited by you
    • Easily find recently edited programs with a new Recent filter
    • Filter down to programs by status (Running, Paused, or Draft with errors)
  • Search programs or templates and sort tables
  • Use bulk actions to easily organize or manage multiple programs or templates
  • All in a redesigned, modern UI/UX!

These changes will help you organize and find programs and program templates in multiple ways and focus on what is most important to you.

Here’s a preview of the new Automation > Automated Programs listing  page:

And here’s a look at the program templates listing page:

We’re making a couple of additional changes to how the program templates are accessed and used:

  • Program templates will now be accessed from the Automation > Automated Programs page. We are removing the Automation > Program Templates link from the left navigation menu.
  • We’re simplifying how you create new programs from templates. You no longer need to select program lists and messages before getting to the program editor. Instead, you will be brought to the program editor (Automated Journey Builder), where the UI will tell you what you need to fill in. This makes it easier to review a program flow prior to using the template.


Gradual rollout in March 2023.

Customer Impact

The ability to organize assets into subfolders has long been a popular feature request. Our new listing pages will support subfolders, tags, and other organization and discovery improvements. With the updates to Automated Programs, we’re bringing this functionality to a key product area. We’re also completing a full top-to-bottom redesign of the Automated Programs section, including listing pages, the program editor (Automated Journey Builder), and a redesigned reporting experience. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming listing page updates!

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