Update Data Studio to Modify Data for Apple Mail Privacy Protection Opens

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What's Changing

In response to Apple Mail Privacy Protection changes, we’re making the following changes to Data Studio exports:

  • Opens impacted by Apple Mail Privacy Protection are now marked with the label ‘Privacy Protected'.
  • The following fields in the spreadsheet will be updated with the new Privacy Protected label:
    • UA: Operating System
    • UA: Device Category 
    • UA: Device
    • UA: Browser
    • Operating System

The Privacy Protected label is a way to clearly identify the types of Opens where the receiving email system is actively obscuring information about the recipient since we’re now unable to identify the recipient's device, operating system, or browser. 

Changes to email reporting in Act-On are also addressed. View the Release Notes here.

For more information and context, review our detailed FAQs about Apple Mail Privacy Protection.


April 2022.

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