Sugar CRM API Upgrade

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What's Changed

Act-On's built-in integration with Sugar CRM is now using REST API v11.


April 18, 2023.

Customer Impact

Customers can now see the following improvements and benefits
  • Real-time data updates from Act-On to Sugar from List Sync Settings
    • Data will push to Sugar immediately when it is changed in Act-On. Screen_Shot_2023-04-17_at_2.03.43_PM.png
  • Eligibility to participate in the following beta releases
    • Bi-directional Opt-Out data sync between Act-On and Sugar CRMScreen_Shot_2023-04-17_at_2.28.52_PM.png
    • All Contacts - Act-On's new central place to manage all Act-On Contacts
  • Account Lists can be imported but Push to Sugar CRM is disabled. For the Account Based Marketing segmentation use case, you can use the CRM>Account object in the segmentation feature. Sugar_Account_List.pngScreen_Shot_2023-04-17_at_2.21.10_PM.png
Please note that the upgrade will not be rolled out to customer accounts that use legacy Sugar CRM application versions (6.x - 7.9.x). These accounts will not be supported by Act-On starting April 1, 2023. 

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