Act-On Webhooks: New Features Released!

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What’s Changing

We're excited to introduce the latest enhancements to our webhooks functionality. Our commitment to providing you with a flexible integration experience has led us to expand and refine our webhook events, giving you even greater control and insight into your data.

What's New?

  • More Notifications, More Control: We've broadened the scope of notifications you can monitor with our webhooks. You have a wider array of events to choose from, enabling you to tailor your notifications to your precise needs.

      • CRM is Connected or Disconnected
      • Email is launched or scheduled
      • Email campaign limit exceeds the monthly limit
      • SMS is launched
      • Form is submitted
      • Webinar is changed
  • More Data Exchange Events: We've added more options for Contact profile and behavior-related events, enabling you to seamlessly share Act-On data with other applications in your tech stack.

      • Contacts with subscription state changes
      • Leads from Form Submissions
  • Increased Security: Our verification methods support Digital Signatures for a wide range of algorithms and encoding options. 

  • Incoming Webhooks for Contact Behaviors (Custom Touch Points): You can now capture every nuance of your contacts' behaviors in Act-On. Contact actions and interactions; such as video engagement, event participation, and more, can be integrated into your marketing workflows. This impactful addition allows you to create targeted segments and lead qualification criteria based on external contact activity, enhancing your ability to nurture leads.

What's Next

We're making an addition to our Outgoing Webhook Event Catalog: "Lead Score Threshold". This upcoming event will empower you to set notifications triggered by specific lead score thresholds for your contacts. Stay tuned, as this enhancement is set to launch within the next few weeks.

Getting Started

Just log in to your account and navigate to the Outgoing or Incoming Webhooks section within  Settings. To assist you on this journey, our updated Community now includes comprehensive documentation as a valuable resource for your webhook exploration.

We look forward to getting your feedback as we continue to refine and improve our integration offerings.


From Sep 28, 2023.

Customer Impact

All customers will benefit from these updates.

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