Manage From Addresses and Email Senders

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From addresses allow you to customize the sender displayed to your email recipients. By default, you can send messages from your own email address. You can also send messages on behalf of other senders in your organization or from a marketing or sales alias.

Essentials to Get Started

  • You must be an admin user to add or edit from addresses and send verification emails
  • Your From Addresses must be valid emails (you'll need to access a verification email sent to your from address's inbox)
  • Make sure you've set up the following:

Important: Every domain you send from must be configured with SPF and DKIM, or your messages may not be delivered. See Email From Setup for more information on the required technical setup.


Add from addresses

Administrators can add a new From Address in these steps:

  1. Go to Settings Other SettingsFrom Addresses in your Act-On account.
  2. Click Add sender.
  3. Enter the Email Address and Display Name for your new From Address (you can also fill in optional fields for Title, Phone Number, Mobile Number, and Fax Number).
  4. Click Add.
  5. Go to the email inbox associated with your from address to complete the verification.

Update from addresses

Admin users can go to Settings > Other Settings > From Addresses to set a default sender and edit or delete from addresses.

Set a default sender

To set a from address as your default sender, click the radio button under the Default column. Click the radio button again to undo.

Edit a from address

  1. Hover over the sender that you'd like to edit and click the  icon.
  2. Update the desired fields (except for Email Address) in the Edit From Address dialog.
  3. Click Save.

Delete a from address

  1. Hover over the sender that you'd like to delete and click the  icon.
  2. In the confirmation pop-up, click OK to delete this sender.

Apply a from address to your email

Once you've added and verified a From Address in Settings, you can select this email as your Sender when editing a message in the Email Composer's General tab.


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