Landing Page Styling Overview

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In the Landing Page composer Design tab, click Edit Page Properties in the upper right corner to define the default dimensions and styling of your landing page:

Landing Page Styling Overview 04.png


Control the width of your Landing Page. A good starting point is 940px, or for a wider view 1170px.

Spacing > Customize
Define the space around the specified element outside of the border: Top, Bottom, Left, and Right. These margins are completely transparent.

Landing Page Styling Overview 01.png

Using the color picker, set the background colors for the Outer and Inner areas of your Landing Page (& the Opacity for the inner color). The areas for these are determined by the page width that is set under Dimensions.
The Background Image functions the same way as the background color does. It can be fixed, stretched, or repeated vertically & horizontally

Set a border to wrap your page section. Like the background image/color, you can set the border location to either the inner section or to wrap your page as a whole. In the example below the border is set to Inside. Enabling the Customize tab will allow you to set the thickness of each border, as shown:
Landing Page Styling Overview 02.png


Set the default font Family and Size for your Landing Page text.

Set the default Text and Link color for your Landing Page text.

The above font and color settings apply to all text for which a specific font or font size has not been set, and also apply to any text that is generated by Act-On, for example, personalization information if your landing page is personalized

Landing Page Styling Overview 03.png

Notes about stationery:
If you enable stationery you lose the ability to edit javascript/CSS.
You are no longer required to use stationery to build or save a Landing Page. Stationery has been de-emphasized in the composer for increased flexibility in building Landing Pages.
Landing pages built using stationery will not be responsive. To reuse landing page styles while keeping them responsive on mobile devices, we recommend saving landing pages as templates.

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