How to Add a Favicon to your Act-On Landing Pages

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What is a Favicon?

A favicon is an icon that people see at the top of their web browser when accessing web pages associated with your company domain. Adding a favicon to your website is a simple way to further your client's brand. Favicons aren't something most people think about since it is usually taken care of by their webmaster or IT department, but Act-On makes it easy for your to add your company's favicon to your Landing Pages.

Add Your Favicon in 3 Easy Steps: 

  1. Navigate to Content > Branding > Web Identity
  2. Click Edit inside the Favicon section.
  3. Enter the image URL of your favicon into the Source URL field and click Save. This will automatically apply the favicon to your Act-On landing pages. 

That's it! There is no need to go into an HTML file to add a custom favicon element. Act-On does everything for you!

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