Promoting Your Webinars

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There are several ways you can promote your webinar:

  • Invitation Message – Send an invitation message to encourage your contacts to register
  • Last Chance Message – Send a reminder message to contacts who haven't yet registered
  • External Promotion Links – Post signup links on your websites, social media, etc. that can be tracked within Act-On
  • Reminder Message – Send a reminder to registrants as your webinar date approaches
  • Follow-up Message – Send a message after the event segmented by behavior (attended, did not attend, etc.)

All of these message types can be created quickly and easily in Act-On's Webinar Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Automation > Webinars
  2. Click on an event from the Upcoming Webinars section
  3. Click the button to create your desired message.

Disclaimer: This Classic Webinar Guide applies to Webex Webinars. For help with Zoom and Citrix GoToWebinar webinars, see our series of related Zoom and Citrix articles.

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