Linking a Webinar Registration Form to Your Website

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Once an event has been scheduled (Cisco Webex Event and Webinar Center) or imported (Citrix GoToWebinar/Zoom) in Act-On, you can create Act-On marketing materials specific to the webinar, such as a registration form.

One of the easiest ways to capture registration information is by placing a link to the webinar registration form on your website, blog, or landing page.

Disclaimer: This Classic Webinar Guide applies to Webex Webinars. For help with Zoom and Citrix GoToWebinar webinars, see our series of related Zoom and Citrix articles.

To begin capturing webinar registrations from various marketing avenues:

  1. Click Automation, and choose Webinars.
  2. Click the desired webinar title.
  3. Obtain the Public URL, and create as many as you need.
    • GoToWebinar – For GoToWebinar, navigate to Trackable Signup Form Links and click Add Link.  Then hover over the name of the tracking code, and click Get URL.
    • Webex Event and Webinar Center – For Webex, navigate to Promotions > External Promotions and click Add. Then hover over the name of the tracking code, and click Get URL.
    • Zoom Event Center  – For Event Center, navigate to Promotions > External Promotions, and click Add. Then hover over the name of the tracking code, and click Get URL.
  4. Copy the entire URL, including the 'HTTP at the beginning and the '.htm' at the end.
  5. On your website, use that copied URL as a link to the registration form, something like this:
<a target="_blank" href="">Sign up now!</a>


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