Sending an Automatic Webinar Confirmation Message

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When creating your Cisco Webex Events/Webinars or Citrix GoToWebinar event in Act-On, you're able to create registration forms and confirmation email messages for each webinar. The auto-response confirmation message contains all the details associated with the webinar, including topic, time, date, join URL, and instructions.

You can send that information later in a reminder message as well, but the auto-response confirmation message lets your registrants know right away that their registration request has been accepted. It also provides them with the information they need to participate, including a calendar invite link.

Disclaimer: This Classic Webinar Guide applies to Webex Webinars. For help with Zoom and Citrix GoToWebinar webinars, see our series of related Zoom and Citrix articles.

Follow the steps below to create a signup auto-response message for your webinar:

  1. Click on Automation, and choose Webinars.
  2. Click on the webinar title.
  3. Create a signup form if it has not been created yet.
  4. Create an auto-response message:
    • For GoToWebinar – Click Create in the Signup Auto-Response Message section and build your email confirmation. You can choose from any email message in your Act-On account.
    • For Webex Events, Webex Webinars, or Zoom – Hover over the email message in the Auto-Response Message section, click Edit, and customize your email confirmation.
  5. Click Save.
Once a GoToWebinar confirmation email is created or selected in Act-On, it cannot be deleted. Instead, you will need to delete the entire webinar, re-import it, and then leave the default settings intact (i.e. no Confirmation Message).

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