Using Content Personalizations

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Content personalizations help you create account-wide personalization fields to populate consistent information across all of your account's content. When you edit a content personalization in Custom Account Settings, all Act-On Messages, Landing Pages, and Forms using that personalization will automatically update. This saves valuable time by preventing you from manually updating your account-wide content.

Unlike Act-On's other personalization features, content personalizations do not uniquely personalize content for each recipient or user. 

When should I use content personalizations?

Use content personalizations to populate account-wide information that should be consistent across your organization today (and that will likely change in the future). This could include:

  • Your company's office locations
  • Names of employees in specific roles, such as your executive team
  • The current year (great for copyright notices in email and page footers)


If you use your CEO's name in account-wide messages and landing pages, you'll likely want to update all of your content when your company hires a new CEO. You can create a content personalization that maps 'CEOname' to the name 'Jane Doe' and then embed the following output in your content:


This will populate 'Jane Doe' in every piece of content that uses the variable CEOname. If your CEO changes, you can update this value in your Custom Account Settings.


To create and edit custom content personalizations for your account, follow these steps:

Create a content personalization

Admin users can take these steps to create or update these fields:

  1. Go to Settings > Other Settings > Custom Account Settings
  2. Go to the Content Personalizations tab
  3. Click Add personalization
  4. In the pop-up, provide a Content Name for your personalization variable

    Heads up! Your personalization's Content Name cannot be edited later.

  5. Under Displayed Content, type the content that will display whenever you embed your personalization
  6. Click Add to create your personalization


Edit or delete a content personalization

To edit or delete your content personalization:

  1. Hover over the personalization you'd like to update
  2. Click Edit to update the content that displays when you use this personalization
    • Your personalization's Content Name cannot be edited – create a new personalization to change the Content Name
  3. Click Delete to delete your content personalization


Heads up! Deleting content personalizations will affect all Landing Pages, Forms, and Messages where they're in use. Messages with missing personalizations may also fail to send.

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