Difference Between Marketing Users and Sales Users

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Each type of Act-On user has a different function within the Act-On platform. Below are some bullet points of each user’s access and privileges.

To add, delete, or manage users, see this page.

Marketing User

Marketing users can take the following actions:

  • List Management
    • Create New Lists
    • View all lists including opt-outs, soft/hard bounces, spam complaints, and suppressed domains list.
    • Delete
    • Download
    • Create Segmentation
    • Sync lists with your CRM/Upload List
    • Content
  • Create Templates/Messages
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Create From Addresses
  • Create Automated Programs
  • Create Webinars
  • Upload Custom Stationery
  • Create Account Signatures
  • Upload images, logos, documents
  • Ability to delete any of the above.
  • Access Reports
    • All reports pertaining to messages, landing pages, forms
    • Competitive Insights
    • Website Prospector Reports
  • Social Media Connectors
  • X (Twitter) Dashboard

Marketing Administrator

Admin users can:

  • Add, Edit, and Delete Marketing Users
  • Add and Delete Sales Users
  • Add From Addresses
  • Define Password Policies
  • Define User Privileges (create, delete, and download) for Lists, Content, and Programs.
  • Designate other Administrators and message launch approvals
  • Manage template folder access (for Salesforce users)
  • Create Account Signatures on behalf of other users
  • View ALL Sent Messages
  • Add Organization address/information

Sales User

Sales (portal) users are created within Act-On and have more limited privileges than other user types. Permissions can vary by CRM and by feature. Generally, sales users can:

  • View Website Prospector
  • Send 1-to-1 emails to assigned Leads/Contacts created from
    • Templates
    • Previously sent messages by any Act-On Admin user
    • Blank Message
  • View My Sent Messages and My Scheduled Messages
  • Update Personal details (name, phone number, etc.)
  • Change Password
  • Set up Alerts
  • Create their own email signatures

CRM Sales User (Salesforce)

CRM sales users are created from the CRM. They have similar privileges to Sales users but with additional permissions to access features from Act-On plugins in their CRM and also access to CRM features in Act-On. CRM user privileges are required to import from the CRM.




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