Managing Email Launch Privileges for Users

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By default, all Act-On users have permission to send outbound messages. Sometimes you may wish to limit a users ability to send by either 1) not providing permission to send email, or 2) requiring their outbound emails to be approved by another user. This can help you to provide consistent branding with outbound messages, prevent spam, monitor monthly active contacts, among other purposes.

Follow this guide for information on setting email launch privileges.



Any Act-On administrator can make these changes.

  1. Go to Settings > Users
  2. Hover over the user whose launch privileges you want to edit
  3. Click the Edit permissions icon
  4. Expand Email Permissions section 
  5. Click on the Allowed to Launch drop-down menu to make one of three possible selections:
    • Allowed (default) – The user will not have any restrictions on sending messages
    • Not allowed – The user will not be able to send messages
    • Requires Approval > Requires Approval From {Marketing User} – Select the marketing user who must approve this user's message launches


For information on how to submit messages for approval and how to approve requests, see our related article: Email Launch Requests and Approval



Can I limit launch privileges for Sales Users?

By default, this is not a setting you can change.

If your account has a connected CRM, you may be able to limit privileges for Sales users who send emails via the Act-On plugin.

Contact Support to request this feature.


Does this feature work with Act-On Anywhere?

No, messages sent via Act-On Anywhere (Outlook or Chrome) are tracked in Act-On so you can use features such as the sent message report and notifications. These emails are not sent through the Act-On platform. They cannot be queued for approval and they do not count towards monthly active contacts.

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