How to Create List Segments with SMS criteria

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When you send an SMS Message, you have to choose an existing Marketing List or Segment. You cannot directly choose the SMS Opt-In list to send a message to, so it is helpful to create list segments using SMS-related data. This includes SMS Behavior and SMS metadata.

The SMS Add-on is required to create SMS segments.

To access the feature, first create a segment:

  • If using All Contacts, go to Contacts > All Contacts and click on Create Segment.
    Go to Contacts > All Contacts, hover over any existing segment, and click on More > Create Subsegment.

  • If using any other lists, go to Contacts > Marketing Lists.
    Go to Contacts > Other Lists > Form Submissions or Webinar Lists. Then choose a list to segment, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the list name, and click Create a Segment.

Segment on SMS Behavior

There are four SMS Behaviors that you can use for segmentation:

  • Was sent a SMS
  • Clicked on an SMS
  • SMS send failed
  • Replied to an SMS

To use any of these, choose Behavior, define a time period, and scroll down the behaviors drop-down to find the four SMS behaviors.


Segment on SMS Metadata

You can segment based on additional SMS-related metadata, such as whether a contact has opted into SMS. To do this, choose SMS segment criteria and then choose one of the four options:

Criteria Options Description
Has Valid Phone Number Yes / No

Whether the Recipient's phone number is correctly entered. (This does not check for landlines or other issues)

Yes = all contacts who have a valid number

No = all contacts that do not have a phone number or an invalid number

Is Opted-In to SMS Yes / No

Yes = all contacts who have opted in

No = all contacts who have NOT opted in

Is Opted-Out to SMS Yes / No

Yes = all contacts who have opted out

No = all contacts who have NOT opted out

Phone Number is in Country drop-down Provides a country selection that will filter contacts solely based on their phone number



Engaged SMS Recipients

Here, we create a segment of contacts who have Opted-In to SMS, their phones are based in the US, and they have recently engaged with SMS by clicking in the past 30 days.


SMS Opportunities

Next, we create a segment of contacts who have not opted in OR opted out. This identifies contacts who have not engaged with your SMS marketing channel. This is an opportunity for you to run an email campaign asking for SMS Opt-in, which could increase engagement.


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