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When contacts opt in to SMS marketing, you should send a confirmation message to their phone number. For accounts that have SMS credits, Act-On will automate this message for you so you can focus on your SMS marketing. Read on to learn how to customize this message for and welcome your contacts to receiving SMS.

Essentials to get started


Customize the SMS Welcome Message

To start, go to SMS > Opt-Ins.

In the Welcome Message section, click Edit Message.

If you have been using the SMS Form Opt-In, you may be prompted to send your first opt-in message - if so, see our instructions here: Send Your First SMS Opt-In Message.

Here, you can use our template messages to get started, and you can also use the composer tools to preview the Message, add a short URL, add personalization, and add Opt-Out language. 


Note: Welcome Message can only be added if you have collected at least 1 opt-in number. 




Enable or Disable your Automated SMS Welcome Message

The SMS Welcome Message will send automatically only to new opt-ins on the Lists and Forms where it has been enabled.

You can disable this option if you instead wish to send an SMS confirmation from an automated program, for example.

Enable or Disable for a Marketing List 

To enable the automated Welcome Message for new contacts that enter an SMS Opt-In list, you will choose this setting when you first map your list.


To change the setting for an existing list, go to SMS > Opt-Ins and find your list under Source Lists. Here, you can check or uncheck the box for Welcome Message for your lists.


Enable or Disable for Form Opt-Ins

The Welcome Message will send automatically when a contact submits a form that contains the SMS Form Opt-In section and the Welcome Message setting is enabled.

To change the setting for an existing form, go to Content > Forms and find your form. Edit the SMS Opt-In form section to enable or disable the Welcome Message and save.




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