How to Identify the Cell Phone field on your Marketing List

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When you send an SMS message, you will need to tell Act-On what field contains a cell phone number. Follow this guide to add a new field to your list and identify it for SMS Message campaigns.

Add a Cell Phone field

If your Marketing List does not have a phone number field, you must add it before the list can be used for SMS. This field must be called "Mobile Phone".

Identify the Cell Phone Field

For each list you plan to send an SMS to, follow these instructions to identify the field.

  1. Go to Contacts > Marketing Lists and click on the list name to open it.
  2. At the top right, go to More Actions > Identify List Columns.
  3. Find the field that contains your contact's mobile phone number and make sure it’s mapped to the System Usage field "Contact's Cell Phone". 


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