Importing a Salesforce Report into Act-On and how to add required fields

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Sometimes you may see a warning that states there is a missing required field on your report, which prevents you from importing the list into Act-On. This guide reviews the fields that are required for importing a report and how to add them to the report in Salesforce.

Required fields include the following:

Required Fields Salesforce Report Type

Lead ID, or Contact ID

Required for all Salesforce reports imported into Act-On.

Owner ID

Required for using a Report List to identify Hot Prospects.

The Report Type must supported. These are ContactList, LeadList, or OpportunityContact. Learn more


  • Salesforce account with privileges to create/edit reports
  • Act-On Package installed and configured
  • A custom Owner ID field (as recommended in our integration guide)
  • By default, the Owner ID field is hidden in Salesforce. To add it to your reports, you must create a custom field duplicating the IDs. This custom field reveals the hidden ID field so it can be pulled into a report and then imported into your Act-On marketing list. See this article for instructions: How to Configure Behavior Score and Owner ID in Salesforce.


  1. In Salesforce, go to Reports > New Report... (or locate your existing report and edit it)
  2. Select the Report type you are working on (eg Leads or Contacts) and click Create
  3. In the Fields column on the left-hand side, find the Lead ID or Contact ID field
  4. Drag and drop it into the report
  5. Scroll down in the Fields list on the left and find Owner ID
  6. Drag and drop it into the report
  7. Click Save
  8. Name the report and select a Public report folder
  9. Click Save and Run

You may now import the report into Act-On.

Next Steps

  1. In Act-On, go to Contacts > Marketing Lists.
  2. Click the Import button in the upper right corner of the page
  3. Search for the Salesforce Report you want to import from the list of available reports.

For more information about this please see our article on Importing Salesforce Lists, Reports, and Campaigns.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

My Report already has the required field(s), why am I seeing a warning?

See our article here for more information on troubleshooting this problem: Why am I unable to import my report into Act-On?

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