Enabling Email Templates for Salesforce

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Act-On's integration with Salesforce allows marketing and sales users to send Act-On email messages from within the Salesforce platform.

After creating email templates for use by the sales team, you can enable them in Salesforce. Sales users can then easily send their individual leads and contacts marketing-approved content. The email message will come directly from the sales user or owner of the record rather than a generic sender.

To do this in your Salesforce CRM-enabled Act-On:

  1. Create the email templates
  2. Create an email template folder that's enabled for sales users
  3. Add the email templates to the folder

...as described in Provide Email Templates for Your Sales Team.

The ability to control Sales Users' access to Email Templates folders using Sales Enable as described above is available in CRM integrations (such as Salesforce) & when using Act-On Anywhere, but not in the Sales Portal (for users with no native CRM integration).

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