How to Import Salesforce Users

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To allow a Salesforce user access to Act-On features, they must be imported in Act-On as a Sales User. Act-On uses Single Sign-On (SSO) with Salesforce to authenticate the user. This guide provides information on why and how to set up your Salesforce users as Act-On Sales Users.

Completing this setup will grant access to the following features:

  • The Act-On Salesforce Package, which provides the ability to:
    • Send Act-On Emails from Salesforce to Leads/Contacts and to Reports
    • View Activity History
    • Use the Hot Prospects dashboard
    • View Sent Messages and Website Visitor information
    • Act-On user profile settings including email signature, alert preferences, and personal details
  • Act-On Anywhere, which provides the ability to send and track emails with Gmail or Outlook


Essentials to Get Started


How to Import Salesforce Users

  1. Log in to Act-On
  2. Click on Settings > Users > Manage users
  3. Click Import CRM sales users*
  4. Check the boxes next to the Salesforce users you would like to grant access to and click Add User at the bottom of the window.
  5. Review Sales User privileges and hide any components you do not wish Sales Users to access in the Act-On tab.

*If you cannot see the Import CRM sales users option, see troubleshooting below.


How to Update Salesforce User Information

Your Salesforce Users' information will be updated in Act-On whenever the Salesforce connector is reset or updated.

Act-On administrators can manually refresh the sales users by going back to Settings > Users > Sales Users and clicking the Update from CRM icon above the sales users table.

Salesforce Users can also manage their User Profile in the Salesforce Act-On Tab if enabled.


FAQs and Troubleshooting

Why can't I add new CRM Sales Users?

If you cannot see the Import CRM sales users option, review the following:

If you are still having problems adding new Sales Users, you may not have sales seats available for the account. Your agreement with Act-On allows for a specific number of sales users. To increase your sales user limit, contact your Act-On sales representative or Customer Success Manager.

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