What are Known vs. Anonymous website visitors?

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In the Companies Visiting report in Website Prospector, you can identify marketing prospects and customers directly in the Website Prospector report.
  • Known prospects have an email address associated with them in Act-On
    • They've either submitted their email in a form or clicked on a link in an Act-On email
    • Their website behavior will be tied to their email as long as they have the Act-On tracking cookie in their browser
  • Anonymous prospects are individuals who are browsing your website without Act-On knowing their email address
    • Their web traffic will be tied to their company name, or if that's not known, their internet service provider (ISP)
    • You can analyze this traffic to determine trends in your web visitors (geographically, from certain companies, etc.)

You can manage how these contacts appear by marking them as ISPs or current customers – see this page for more information.

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