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Who is visiting your web pages? And what are they viewing? These are two of the biggest questions that many digital marketers look to answer. Act-On offers a comprehensive suite of features to help you identify your web visitors' behavior and then use that data to target your marketing activities.

Getting Started

To set up website tracking in Act-On, you first need to install the Beacon Tracker on your marketing website. Once you add this JavaScript code to any web pages where you want to track activity, visitor data will start loading into your Act-On account. Act-On's Landing Pages include tracking code automatically, so no installation is needed.

We also recommend excluding your internal IPs from reports. This will make sure that your numbers are not skewed by traffic from within your organization.

Targeting Contacts by Web Behavior

If you'd like to target individual contacts – Website Prospector Alerts let you notify your sales team when users are on specific pages and may be ready for immediate outreach.

To target groups of contacts – list segmentation lets you send messages and put contacts through automated nurture campaigns based on which web pages contacts have visited. Simply create a segment using the behavior criteria of visited web pages.


Once you've created these segments, you can add them to your Automated Programs and use them for branch logic. If a contact exists in the segment for visiting a specific page, you can send them targeted messages or alert your sales team.

Segmentation works best if you use a Primary List. If you have a large number of separate lists, you can also create a new marketing list using the list contents of Locate contacts with specific response behaviors.


Act-On will gather contacts from your various lists that meet this criteria, then will create a new list for them.

Website Visitor Reports

It's a good idea to periodically review your website reports so you can learn about customer trends and identify opportunities for improvement. There are several reports that can help you understand your marketing success. We recommend:

  • Using the visitors report to understand how many of your known contacts or current customers are interacting with your web content
  • Using the pages report to understand which of your site's pages are performing the best
  • Using the Campaigns feature to track web page visits as part of the success of a multi-touch campaign

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