How to Set Up the Salesforce Sandbox Connector

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Your Act-On software can be connected to your Salesforce sandbox to allow you to test the integration.


Connect to your Sandbox

  1. Contact Act-On Support to enable connection to your Salesforce sandbox environment.
  2. Once completed, log into Act-On and go to Settings > Connectors > CRM > Salesforce
  3. Enter your Salesforce sandbox username, password, and security token.
  4. Enter this proxy URL:
  5. Click Connect

Once you have connected via the login page, you should test your connection by running a Data Management sync and importing Marketing Lists.

Follow the Salesforce Integration Guide to continue setting up the sandbox integration.

Install the Act-On Package

Now that you are connected to Salesforce in Act-On, you may wish to install the Act-On package in your Sandbox for testing purposes. Act-On does not provide a beta version of future package releases. You will be testing with a production version of the package so you can accurately determine package functionality in your production Salesforce org.

Salesforce Administrators can click here to log in to your sandbox and install the Act-On Package:

Install Act-On for Salesforce

Make sure to choose Install for All Users. For complete instructions, please follow our installation guide here: How to Install the Act-On package for Salesforce

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Why does the Proxy URL have an outdated version?

Act-On has many accounts have been configured to use the Salesforce API version 19.0. This endpoint will be discontinued in the Summer '21 Release of Salesforce. To avoid a disruption of service, Act-On has chosen to use logic internal to our application which will update all 19.0 proxy URLs to use a current version of the Salesforce API.

Although we ask you to enter a URL with a 19.0 endpoint, Act-On transforms this into a current API version to make the connection. This is not hard-coded.

Using a URL with an API version other than our recommendation can cause connectivity issues in future software releases.

I still cannot connect, what should I do?

We do not recommend entering a Proxy URL other than our recommendations. This can cause connectivity issues in future software releases.

If you continue to have issues, contact our support team.

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