How to Set Up Hot Prospects for Salesforce

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The Hot Prospects dashboard identifies the most active and engaged leads or contacts based on scoring rules defined in Act-On. Sales users will see their personal top 20 Hot Prospects in the Act-On Tab in Salesforce.


Setup Requirements:

User Requirements:

Instructions for Act-On Contacts Users

If you are using Act-On Contacts, you don't need to do any specific setup for Hot Prospects. The system will automatically pick leads and use the CRM owner data to assign them to a sales rep, however, you can narrow down the types of leads shown by specifying a segment to use for Hot Prospects. Learn how to do it in this article.

Instructions for Marketing Lists Users

To set up Hot Prospects, you will need to:

  1. Create a report in Salesforce
  2. Import the report to Act-On
  3. Associate sales ownership in Act-On

Follow our detailed instructions below to set this up.

Create a Sales Prospect Report in Salesforce

This step is optional. Instead of using a report, you may use a marketing list as long as the required fields below are included in the list.

  1. Navigate to Reports and choose New Report...
  2. Under the Select Report Type area, click the plus sign and expand the Opportunities folder.
  3. Locate the Contact Roles report and hit Create.
  4. Select the following Settings:
    • Show: All Opportunities
    • Include: Open 
    • Date Field: Close Date 
    • Range: All Time
  5. Drag and drop the following required fields into your report:
    • Account Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Contact ID
    • Owner ID
  6. Run the report to ensure records are pulling correctly.
  7. Click Save As and title this report Act-On Report Prospects in Opportunities. Be sure to save this report in a public folder so that it can be accessed by Act-On.

Import the Prospect report to Act-On

  1. Log in to Act-On as a Marketing or Admin user.
  2. Navigate to Contacts > Marketing Lists 
  3. Select the Manage button in the upper right corner of your folder list (this will be hidden until you hover over it):
    How to Set Up Hot Prospects for Salesforce 01.png
  4. Click Add and create a folder titled Salesforce System Lists.
  5. Click Add again, then click Save.
  6. Click the Import button in the upper right corner.
  7. Follow the instructions in this article to import the report Act-On Report Prospects in Active Opportunities as a marketing list. Set it to sync on a recurring schedule.
Tip: If you do not have Marketing Lists active, go to Contacts > Other Lists > Account Lists > Contacts and import the formatted data there. 

Associate Sales Ownership and Prospects in Act-On

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Other Lists > Account Lists
  2. Click on the Sales Prospects folder
  3. Hover over Prospects Assigned to Sales, click the three-dot icon, and choose Select.
  4. In the pop-up window, locate and select your All Salesforce Leads list and click Submit.
  5. Next, hover over Prospects in Active Opportunities and repeat the selection process choosing the report titled Act-On Report Prospects in Active Opportunities, and click Submit.
  6. Next, hover over Existing Contacts Assigned to Sales and repeat the selection process choosing your All Salesforce Contacts list.

Next Steps

Provide your Sales team with the Hot Prospects FAQs.


Error message: "Your account is not set up for access to Act-On..."


Confirm that the user's email address is registered in Act-On as a Sales User. The emails must match. Instructions here: How to Import Salesforce Users.

The page does not load or says "Connection Refused"

This may be related to Salesforce security settings. Provide this troubleshooting article to your Salesforce Administrator.

The Hot Prospects Dashboard does not show any contacts for my sales team.

If your sales users are reporting that they do not see any prospects in the dashboard, follow this checklist.

  • Is your Salesforce connector active? (read more)
  • Is your Beacon Tracker collecting data? (read more)
  • Are your Lead Scoring rules set up? (read more)
  • Are the Salesforce Sales users registered in Act-On? (read more)
  • Do you have any lists assigned for Sales Prospects? (read more)
    • Do these lists have the required fields? (read more)
    • Have these lists successfully synced recently?
    • Does the Sales Rep reporting the issue have contacts in these lists? 
      • (hint: use list segmentation to check)
    • Do these contacts have inbound behavior in the past x days? 
      • (hint: use list segmentation to check)

Remember that the Hot Prospects dashboard will not show contacts for a Salesforce administrator. The user must have contacts assigned in the Sales Rep role to show in the dashboard. You may create a test contact record assigned to the Administrator account if you wish to test Hot Prospects.

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