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This feature allows Salesforce users to view the Account Report directly in Salesforce with the click of a button. In Classic, this button opens a pop-up window to the Act-On Account Report. In Lightning, this button opens the Account Report within Salesforce.

To use the Account Report, you must first install it on the Account page layout. 








These instructions apply to both Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

  1. Navigate to Page Layout setup.
    • In Classic, go to Setup > Build > Customize > Account > Page Layouts
    • In Lightning, go to Setup > Quick Find > Object Manager > Account > Page Layouts
  2. Select the layout you wish to add the component to and click on Edit
  3. In the top console, navigate to Buttons
  4. Drag and drop the Account Report button over to Account Detail Custom Buttons.
  5. In the top console, navigate to Mobile & Lightning Actions
  6. Drag and drop the Account Report  button over to Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions.
  7. Click Save at the top console.
  8. Have a Sales user test the button (pop-ups must be disabled)



More info: Customize Page Layouts with the Enhanced Page Layout Editor (


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