Adding Columns to a Synced Salesforce List

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If you need to add columns to your list of Salesforce Leads and Contacts, follow this process to make sure data stays aligned between systems.

Applicable Situations

  • When you have added new fields in Salesforce and want that data in Act-On
  • When you want to sync fields from Salesforce that you did not select in your previous setup


Update Salesforce List

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Marketing Lists
  2. Hover over the All Salesforce Leads/Contacts Lists, and click the drop-down arrow
  3. Click Import/Export > Sync Setup
  4. Click Add List Columns in the Pull from Salesforce section
  5. Add new columns to your list
  6. Click Save
    • To add these fields immediately, click Run Now to begin syncing – otherwise, the fields will be imported on the next scheduled sync


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