Downloading Visits Data

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The Download Visits data from the Website Prospector report allows you to consume the report’s data in your own analytics tool, create further visualizations, or perform other analyses beyond that which may be available in the native report.

Download the Data

1. Navigate to Inbound > Website Prospector

2. Select the desired time period using the time period selector at the top of the report



3. Click More > Export Visits

4. Depending on the size of the returned data set, there may be a short waiting period

5. Your browser will prompt you for the save location and file name of the download file.

The downloaded file will be in the CSV file format, which is best opened in Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

Report Details

Included in the report are page visits to any of your beaconed pages within the chosen calendar period.

  • Each row of the report represents a single page visit.
  • Each row contains the full profile data of known prospects and as much anonymous prospect information as can be inferred by the Act-On reverse-IP look-up.
  • Pages visited by known prospects (those whose Act-On Beacon cookie is linked to an email address) will have an entry in the Email column, and, in most cases, the Name column as well.
  • The columns included in the report are a combination of system-generated data fields and profile fields.
  • The profile data fields in the download report are a superset of list column fields from across all the Act-On marketing lists, sign-up lists, and webinar lists in your Act-On account in which known prospects visited your site during the chosen time period.
  • Many Act-On lists may have identical column names and these are not duplicated in the download (i.e. each column header in the download is unique).

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