Pushing Sign-up List Data into Salesforce

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Act-On forms can be set up to automatically push form submissions to Salesforce. However, there may be times when the push needs to originate from the Form Submission list instead.

Push form submissions

  1. Click on Contacts, and click Other Lists > Form Submissions.
  2. Hover over the list, and click the drop down arrow.
  3. Select Import/Export > Push to Salesforce.com
  4. Push to Salesforce must be checked.
  5. Select at least one option for Data to Push:
    • Add new records as Salesforce Leads
    • Update Existing Records. Click on Select Push-Update Fields to choose what to update from the data on this list.
  6. Select the Push Trigger
  7. Enable whether to Add, Update or Push to Salesforce Campaign.
  8. If you're pushing the list data as a campaign:
    1. Select the existing Salesforce campaign, or create a new Salesforce Campaign
    2. Select the Salesforce status you want to set for the added and updated Campaign Members
  9. Click the Schedule button.
    • Specify the Frequency
    • Click the Save button to set the scheduled pushes


Modify a scheduled push

  1. Click on Contacts, and click Form Submissions.
  2. Hover over the List, and click the drop down arrow.
  3. Click Import/Export, Push to Salesforce.
  4. Click the Schedule button.
  5. Modify the scheduled push as needed, or select the Never option to cancel the scheduled pushes.
  6. Click the Save button.

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