How to Stream Contact Changes from Act-On to Salesforce

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Marketing lists that are pushing data to SalesforceCRM can now send updates in near real time by using the CRM Streaming Push feature. 

Currently this feature is only available for accounts connected to Salesforce. Act-On will be expanding this feature to more CRMs in the future.

Accounts with Streaming Push enabled have a Push Trigger option in Marketing List sync settings. This allows you to determine when any changes to your list will push updated information to your CRM.


Push Trigger What Syncs? When Max Frequency
Always Each new and updated record (one or many) As soon as the record is added or modified No set limit

All updated records

All updated Lead Scores

On a set schedule  As often as once per hour

* Always push does not update Lead Scores. A regular sync schedule must be set on all lists for this data to be synchronized. One exception is if you have a List Maintenance Program updating Lead Score, then those changes will be pushed immediately by Streaming Push after the program runs.


*This feature does not apply to segments or Extension Lists.


  1. Go to Act-On and locate the Marketing List you wish to change
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow to access list options
  3. Go to Import/Export > Sync Setup (or Push to Salesforce)
  4. Check the box for Push to Salesforce
  5. Check whether to Add new Salesforce Leads
  6. Check whether to Update existing records
    • If checked, click on Select Push-Update Fields
    • Select the fields to push.
    • Click Save.
  7. Select a Push Trigger:
    • Always
    • Scheduled
  8. In Scheduling, set a schedule for the list to pull updates from Salesforce and push the Lead Score
  9. Click Save.



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